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Fabrication Technology

There are currently more options for purchasing stone countertops than ever before… but not all fabricators are created equal. Many fabricators, trying to capitalize on Denver’s hot real estate market, are producing poor quality stonework and providing little or no warranty.

Consumers need to know that they’ve chosen the right stone professionals when it comes to their home or commercial project. At Cornerstone, you’ll be certain that your project is being handled by professionals with the skills and equipment necessary to meet the highest possible standard – yours.

Cornerstone Expertise

Cornerstone uses a combination of the most modern cutting technology and time tested, artisanal, hand fabrication techniques to create precise, fully custom counter tops. First, we template all of our jobs using a Laser Templating System. The Laser Template System uses a high resolution digital camera and laser measuring system to create a precise digital picture of your counter top area. This digital picture is then transferred to our computer software and programmed into our Northwood CNC SawJet. The computer guided Northwood CNC SawJet uses both a circular saw and a high pressure water stream to precisely cut your stone project. The cut stone pieces are then inspected and receive a finished edge polish by our team of expert stoneworkers.

The final result is a product that combines the best of both worlds: the precision of state-of-the-art cutting technology and the artistic touches created by craftsmen with years of experience and an eye for design.